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to her

freedom ~ To Her 





to her

Joshua Joseph

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" To Her " 

Blue eyed son
The ancient word 
A child’s mind an angel’s bird
All are sitting right here
Looking through you 
Cloak and dagger falls away 
To burst the spells 
with the coming day 
Clever woman sweetly braves 
The darkness in the night 
And always knew you 
With her intuition finely tuned 
Her body full and ripened moon 
She changes like the sandy dune 
Your salvation if you’re good 
She’ll offer to you 
If you take it 
She’ll reveal her teeth 
And crown you with a witches wreath 
And leave you just a step beneath 
What you are made of 
You will have to show it to her 
Naked in the circled stones 
Bold and weary to the bones 
Searching for the perfect tones
To tell her of your depth 
And how she is to you 
She listens but you’ll never know 
The home fires in the blizzard snow 
Til many suns and moons do go 
Down the roads and she beholds 
What she can get away with 
Doing to you 
By then you may have given up 
When she begins to fill the cup 
And asks you why 
You don’t bring flowers 
To her 
Time will pass and you may roam
In foreign flowers crumbling thrones
And one day know it in your bones
That she is your eternal home 
And crawl back by your power 
And give it to her 
This is love and this is why 
We touch it all beneath the sky
We fly so high before we cry 
One day just as if it’s fate 
We make it 
To her 


Poetry - Freedom

Music ~ Joshua Joseph

Remastered by -

Näthan Saith Gangadean

Beautiful Souls ☀️

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