Songs of Freedom


"Redemption Song"
Live at the Black Box
~ Lyrics


Freedom is Love

and Freedom is Truth

Freedom is Me and Freedom is You


I Love you and you Love me

But, neither One could ever

Set the other one Free

You sing your song and I'll sing mine

No time left to be wasting time

Never been a rhyme to ever blow my mind

Like I love you

There is no stolen Faith or hiding place

Don't stay Awake too long

Do not Listen to this song

Because, I Think it's a lot like you

Lost in Confusion

Personal Pollution

Where is the Solution

For me to Be just like you


If I thought one person could set me Free

I would be a Fool

Free me from the pain

of Mental diseases

the Social freezes

Where we are oh So Cool 


But, Underneath all the paint

You're a lot like me

I'm a lot like you



In every way

I know there is a way

Songs of Freedom

All we ever had


There is a way

Every day


Our Freedom


Is it such a Great Mystery

All we ever had


Here comes the Prophecy


There is a Way

Great Mystery


I know there is a way

This is the Time

The Time


The Time of Prophecy

Our Freedom

All we ever had

Lyrics ~ James Hilborne

and Freedom

music for 'Redemption Song' Live at the Black Box here

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