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Four Songs as One

Bloom- Sarah Maria-
Cheyanna- Old Indian

freedom tribe ~
Bloom - live at the Jet Deck

22 minute Musical Journey !


Freedom ~       Guitar, Vocal
Genevieve Walker ~    Violin
Ammishaddai Israel ~ Flute
Robert Peebler ~    12 String, Vocal




Al Torre ~               Guitar
Josh Wellington ~   Guitar
​Dan Schmidt ~           Bass
Jim Riordan ~        Drums,


Live at the Jet Deck

The 'Jet Deck' was a little bar on

a small planes airport in Everett, Washington. We loved that place.


When we play this song, we know it is in the key of D, we will eventually go into Bloom, and that's about it.

We go wherever it takes us. The beauty of creation for creation's sake. Never to be the same river once.

It's an Eastern Acoustic Raga

Native American Rock and Roll

Nordic Egyptian Mystic Poetry Prayer

kind of thing.

Genevieve Walker ~ Violin

Ammishaddai Israel ~ Silver Flute

Robert Peebler ~ 12 String and Vocal

Jim Riordan ~ Drums and Tablas

Freedom ~ Guitar and Vocal

Josh Wellington ~ Guitar

Dan Schmidt ~ Bass

Al Torre ~ Guitar

7 Amazing people and me

on a tiny stage with a sea of small planes through the windows behind us. Surreal.

I can see it now. Back before everyone lost their minds.

"Years ago in days of old,

When magic filled the air"

~ Plant.

The banter in the beginning still cracks me up. The one and only Diamond Jim and

Al Torre. 

This track blessedly survived the fires and madness of these past years.

Just a stereo track, un-mixable,

but it holds the kind of moment in time that rarely gets recorded. 

Everyone is ever present

and the interplay is magic.


I am proud to finally share this

22 minutes and 28 seconds of musical medicine.


Four songs as one.

Bloom- Sarah Maria- Cheyanna-

Old Indian

Restored and Remastered by

Robert Peebler and Freedom


"Bloom / Sarah Maria /

Cheyanna / Old Indian" 


Om Satva Buddha Dakini
Hri Mama Shakta So Ha

Have No Place For Sorrow
Have No Place For War
Come To Unite The Children
In Love Forevermore

One Love
One Heart
One Destiny
Gonna Heal Our Pain
Gonna Set Us Free

Are You the Garden At Last 

Are You the Garden 


In the Blink Of An Eye Am Changing 

As All Seasons Turn Through My Doors 

In the Roots Of the Sprouts We Are Raising 

We Will Thrive Forevermore 


I Come A Long Way 

Come Along 

Just To See You Again 

My Friend 

I Come A Long Way 

A Long Way 


Wind Is Light 

The Coast Is Clear 

Spread Your Wings 

Shed Your Fear 

For the Heaven We Seek 

Is Right Here 

We Are All Angels 

My Dear Child 


Walk the Road With Your Sister and Brother 

Like the Sacred Grandmother 

Sacred Grandfather 

Hear the Song 

It’s Been So Long 

Come Turn This Here Wine Into Water 


We Are Turning Wine Into Water 


Heal Me and I’ll Heal You 

Heal Me and I’ll Heal You 

Cheyanna Cries 

I Will Never Ever Return 

I Will Dance In Your Fires 

And Never Get Burned 

I Will Turn To Wings 

And Fly 


I Know That Old Indian 

Who Opened Up His Arms 

And Caught the White Man's Bullets 

To Keep His Family From Their Harm 


He Has Lived A Million Lives 

And Died A Thousand Times 

He Whispers Me the Messages 

I Carve Them In My Rhymes 


May the Wind Be At His Back 

And His Arrows Swift and Clever 

May His Feet Stay On the Path 

The Sunshine On His Feathers 


May His Mind Always Be Clear 

And His Prayers Always Be Strong 

May His Heart Be Whole In Forgiveness 

When He Sings His Warrior Song 


Iyanna Heya Allah Heyanna Niyo

Yanna Heya Allah Heyanna 

Yah Yah Heyanna Hey 

Yah Yah Heyanna Hey 

We Shall Overcome
We Shall Overcome

With Love


The Heaven We Seek 

Is Right Here 

We Are All Angels 

My Dear


Music ~ Freedom and Robert Peebler
Lyrics ~ Freedom

☀️ Beautiful Souls ☀️

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